4 Essential Items You'll Need While Preparing To Move Using Movers

A residential move can take many weeks or months to plan and carry out. If you are short on help, hiring residential movers can save you time and stress. Although professional movers have their own equipment, such as moving dollies, and blankets, you'll also need to ensure that you have certain items as you prepare to move.

As you prepare for your move, ensure that you have the following four essential items.

1. The right size moving boxes

One costly mistake that people make when packing to move is to use boxes that aren't designed for moving. Although you can get away with using boxes from a supermarket or local store if you have very few items to move, a medium to large move needs boxes designed specifically for moving homes.

You'll need wardrobe boxes for moving clothes, book boxes if you have a large book collection, and mirror boxes if you have a lot of mirrors in your home. Using oversized or undersized boxes could lead to breakages and loss of your possessions.

2. Lots of cushioning material

You need to protect the items in your boxes too. Be sure to invest in a good supply of cushioning materials like packing peanuts. You can use paper and plastic bags if you run out of materials to use to cushion the items in your boxes.

3. Plenty of spare cardboard

You can use cardboard to protect fragile areas of the home you are moving out of on moving day. Gather enough cardboard so that you can protect door frames, banisters, stairs, and other areas at risk of collision damage. And be sure to use adhesive tape that won't tear away paint or wallpaper to affix pieces of cardboard to fragile surfaces.

4. A good supply of packing labels

Boxes can get lost or placed in the wrong locations at your new home on moving day if you don't label them clearly. So purchase plenty of packing labels, as well as markers, so you can label your boxes after packing them. If you label your boxes clearly, when you unpack at your new home, you won't need to shift boxes around because they are in the wrong room or location.

These items are essential as you prepare to move house, even if you have decided to hire movers. If you don't have very much time to find and purchase these items yourself, talk to your residential movers. They can probably supply most, if not all, of the moving items you'll need.  


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