What To Expect On Moving Day

If you are moving into a new home, you are likely excited and stressed about the situation that awaits. Moving day is an event that, while tiresome and often chaotic, can be one that sets the tone for a successful first day in your new home. Here is a rundown about what you can expect when this day arrives.

Your Moving Service Shows Up And Assesses The Work Ahead

You have to secure a moving company to haul your belongings from your old home to your new one. There's nothing worse than waiting for movers to show up only to find you had given them the wrong date for the move. To avoid this, make a call to the service you select to confirm their arrival time so you can be ready. When they show up at your home, workers will introduce themselves and conduct a walkthrough of your home to see exactly what is being moved. They will check for bulkiness, weight, and proper packaging to ensure all the items are positioned just right to keep them safe while in transit.

Paperwork Is Filled Out And Photographs Are Taken

For insurance purposes, movers will take pictures of key items before they are placed inside a moving truck. This is to protect the company against blame if an item was already broken or in poor shape before it was moved. You can do the same to show that more expensive items were in good condition before they are moved. This is a protective step for both parties. The moving service will have you sign paperwork indicating that you are in agreement about the condition of items being moved and the price for the job to be done. Payment is usually collected before the move is made, so have funds available so your move is not rescheduled.

Items Are Moved Into The Moving Truck

If you have small children or pets, have them wait in a room away from movers so they can haul your belongings without difficulty. It is also wise to have items placed along perimeters of rooms before movers arrive. This allows them to see items easily, helping them to determine the order to move them into the truck so they utilize the space as needed. Provide a doorstop for the movers to make the job of taking items out of your home easier. After all your items are secured, the service will then drive your belongings to your new address.

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