3 Ways To Get The Most Accurate Estimate For An Upcoming Local Move

When you're just beginning to make plans for a local move, you may be curious about exactly what you should be prioritizing to feel good about getting local moving companies to help have everything taken to your new home without a problem.

When your main concern with hiring movers for the first time is simply how much it's going to cost you, the following tips can help you get an estimate that's much more realistic and help you avoid getting in a situation where you are overpaying by a lot for movers.

Have an In-Home Walkthrough Done

One of the easiest ways to make sure that you're given a quote for your move that's closer to what you're actually paying is getting a walkthrough done. By having potential movers walk through your home, they can take a look at both the square footage of your home as well as any unique obstacles such as stairs or narrow hallways.

A walkthrough can even help the movers get a better feel for how much furniture and other items you'll be moving so that you can get a more accurate estimate.

Make Sure To Have a Specific Date

Being able to share the exact date that you want to move is also helpful for getting an estimate that's much closer to what you be paying. Having a specific date of when you're going to be moving can help a lot with making sure that the movers are available on the date that you need to get everything moved.

This can also help you eliminate some choices for movers right away since you may find that they are unavailable when you could need them.

Know How You Want Everything Moved

Along with simply choosing movers based on their availability or an initial walkthrough, you also want to make sure that they can help with exactly what kind of move you need. For example, you may need help with getting your items moved into a large moving van that can fit a ton of items when you have a larger home, or you may prefer a moving company that can have your items brought to a storage facility temporarily.

By discussing how the move is going to be done, you can have a much easier time feeling good about hiring movers.

As you get ready to hire a moving company for the first time, there's a lot of questions you may have over exactly how everything's going to be moved carefully to your new home. With the above tips for getting an estimate, you can feel a lot better about how much you might be spending and can make sure that you pick the right movers for the job.

To get started or for more information, reach out to residential movers in your area.

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