Moving? 4 Easy Tips To Protect Your Hardwood Floors

When you saw the hardwood floors in your new home, you just knew that was the home for you and your family. Unfortunately, at the time, you weren't thinking about the move; one tiny misstep could result in a huge, unsightly scratch in your beautiful hardwood floors. In order to protect your new hardwood floors, here are four tips.

Tip #1: Put Down Your Doormat

Weather can be pretty unpredictable, so you never know what it is going to be like on your moving day – no matter how much you try to plan. The last thing that you need is wet leaves or muddy shoes coming into your home and messing up your floors – not to mention the fact that these are the types of things that could cause the most careful mover to trip or slip on a hardwood floor. However, if you have a doormat at your entryway, movers can wipe their feet before entering the home, which can go a long way in preventing unnecessary accidents.

Tip #2: Save Old Rugs/Runners

If you have decided that you are going to be buying new rugs and runners when you get to your new place, wait to throw out, sell, or donate your old ones. Those old rugs and runners can be put to good use on moving day. Use them in the foyer and other areas where there will be heavy traffic among the movers, as these rugs and runners will work wonders at protecting your hardwood floors. After all, they are old, so you won't mind a bit if they get dirty in the process. In the end, you will pick them up and reveal beautiful, scratch-free floors underneath.

Tip #3: Use Furniture Sliders

On any furniture that will be moved, make sure that you are using furniture sliders. With furniture sliders, movers won't have to pick up and hold the furniture from the moving truck all the way to where the piece is going. Instead, as soon as they enter the house, they can set it down and scoot it across the floor without having to worry about damaging your beautiful hardwood floors. One thing to keep in mind, though, is to ensure that the furniture sliders are in good condition otherwise, you may still wind up with damaged floors.

Tip #4: Use Cardboard in Place of Sliders

In the event that you don't have any furniture sliders, or you notice that yours aren't in good condition, you can use cardboard. If you decide to use cardboard, keep in mind that it can still be a little rough. So, to combat this, consider sliding an old blanket or sheet underneath the cardboard, which will help it slider smoother and reduce the risk of damage to your floor.

For more information, contact your local moving company.

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