3 Ways To Avoid Overspending When Making A Long Distance Move

Are you planning to make a long distance move? Whether you are relocating to live in a safer neighborhood or to take on an even better position for work, you may be interested in saving as much money as possible. Unfortunately, most people do not realize how expensive it can become to make such a major move. Depending on where you are relocating from, you could end up spending up to $12,000 to get from your current home to the new one. If you do not want to waste that kind of money on relocating, you can cut corners and try a few different techniques to save some of your money.

1. Skip Out on the Storage Fee by Donating Unused Items

There are people who spend more money than they need to because they have to put some of their belongings in storage until they are ready to unpack them. However, you can save money by skipping the storage fee altogether. Instead of placing any of your belongings in storage, start going through everything you own before you even begin packing for your move. If you have any damaged junk items, throw them out instead of wasting your time packing them. If you have items in good condition that you know you are never going to use, consider donating them. Not only will you avoid the storage fee, but you will do a good deed by donating items to those who are less fortunate.

2. Compare Costs Between Long Distance Moving Companies

You may need help from a long distance moving company because they can provide packing materials and transport all of your belongings. Even if your friends have a few recommendations, consider contacting moving companies to receive a set price quote. These companies should have no problem providing a price quote, but they will likely need to ask you a few questions ahead of time to help determine the exact cost. Some of the questions they may need to ask include:

  • What is your current address?
  • What is the address of the new home you want to move to?
  • When would you like to have your belongings transported?
  • Do you need packing supplies?

Once you have answered these questions, they will do calculations based on their rates and then give you an estimate. Even if it sounds like you are getting a deal with one company, do not be afraid to contact a few other ones to compare their rates so that you can get the best deal possible. If you do not take the time to make comparisons, you could end up choosing the wrong company, and that could cost you more money instead of helping you save.

3. Pack Snacks and Sandwiches for the Lengthy Ride

It is always a good idea to pack yourself snacks and sandwiches for the ride. Whether you are driving the long distance to your new home or taking an airplane, there are several things you should consider packing, such as chips, peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese and popcorn. If you are traveling via car, you can always pack containers of yogurt and pudding for the trip. Unfortunately, you may not be able to bring your pudding and yogurt with you on an airplane, but you can still bring plenty of sandwiches and chips.

It may not seem like packing your own food makes such a difference, but you could spend tons of money at gas stations, rest stops and even at airport restaurants buying meals. The cost of those meals will slowly start adding up, but you can avoid that expense by bringing your own treats with you to keep you feeling full.

When making a long distance move, you can expect to spend some money. However, there are ways to save on different expenses. If you would like to cut costs, try to avoid using storage facilities, compare the moving company rates and pack plenty of treats for the trip so that you do not have to buy any food on your way there. Check out the site for a moving company for more information.

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