3 Tips For Storing Homemade Soap Bars And Bath Bombs In Storage Units

Commercial soaps can worsen skin conditions and strip your skin from its natural glow and moisture. If you have skin conditions, like eczema, making your own soap may be the best option, as you can control the amount of oils and different ingredients that go into the final product. Finding the best place to store your new found hobby can be difficult – especially since homemade bath products require a lot of space and a constant temporal environment. Renting a self storage unit can really help hone in your hobby and give you the space you need to experiment. Here are 3 tips that will help your homemade bath products last longer.

Install Baker's Racks for Curing and Cured Soap Bars

Both curing and cured soap need to be placed out in the open in well-ventilated areas. You want to make sure that each individual piece of soap gets just as much as air as its neighbor. With that said, the best way to allow your soap products to cure is to place them on a baker's rack. These can be easily installed into the storage unit without damaging the walls or the floors. Most baker's racks are easy to set up. Make sure you choose a baker's rack with coated metal because metal rust has been known to contribute to soap rancidity.

You'll typically need to install two sets of baker's racks. One of the racks should be for soap that is still curing while the other should be a more permanent residence for soaps that have already been cured and are ready to be used. Most experts allow for their soaps to cure for eight to nine weeks. This will allow the soap time to harden while the water within evaporates. Once the soap has cured, it becomes a longer lasting bar with a richer lather.

Store Bath Bombs and Other Products in Airtight Jars

Almost everyone enjoys unwinding to a bubble bath, and there's no better way to do it than with bath bombs. Watching them fizzle in the bath tub can be quite a joy for many people. Making your own bath bombs is also a good idea if you are struggling with a skin condition, as homemade bath bombs tend to have more nourishing qualities. While making bath bombs may eventually become a piece of cake, storing them isn't. You have to be extremely careful that the bath bombs do not come into contact with moisture.

Store bath bombs in airtight jars to protect them from coming into contact with excess moisture in the air. Excess moisture can cause the bath bombs to fizzle prematurely before you even get to use them. Your best bet is to store them in glass jars with a rubber seal on them. Keeping bath bombs in a jar will also allow you to collect the bits and pieces that will eventually crumble off. You can use these crumbs on their own or incorporate them into other projects.

Keep a Dehumidifier in the Unit

If you want your soaps and bath bombs to last a long time, then you definitely want to hook up a dehumidifier within your unit on top of getting one with climate control features. Bath products are especially vulnerable to excess moisture. Not only may your bath bombs fizzle prematurely, but the oils in your soaps may also become rancid and leave dreaded orange spots, or DOS.

Most Americans struggle with keeping a hobby when they don't have enough space at home for the equipment and tools that are needed. Renting a storage unit will help alleviate these concerns. If you enjoy making soap for yourself, and enjoy reaping the benefits, keeping homemade bath products in rented storage units may be your best option. Not only will the storage units give you the space that you need to lay the soap out to cure, but they also provide a controllable environment where the humidity and temperature stays relatively constant throughout the year.

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