Organizing Your Storage Unit

When you are in the process of moving, you may decide to rent a storage to house some of your belongings while you are transitioning to your new home. It is sometimes tough to squeeze all of your contents into a small space, so it is important to try to do some organizing in order to be able to find items as you need them later. Here are a few organizational tips you can use to help you maximize your space, while making it easy to navigate a self storage unit, such as Northgate Mini Storage.

Leave Room For Walking

You will not want to stuff things in your storage unit in a way where you are not able to walk around inside. Leave a pathway from the front to the back of your self storage unit so you will be able get through to all items rather easily. You can leave a pathway along the back wall of your unit, as well, making your entire unit easy to get around when needed.

Utilize The Space On Top

When putting in larger items, place them vertically along the side walls instead of horizontally. This will help you use the top area of your storage unit. You can also stack things in a way where long items can be placed on top of piles, keeping them up and out of the way. This works for items such as canoes, skis, or long-handled brooms and mops. 

Make Sure To Label

When you place cardboard boxes or plastic storage tubs into storage, you will want to have labels on both the sides and tops of each container so you will be able to see what the contents inside are from a distance. Use dark, large print and color-code the containers in a way where you will know which room they will be going into when you move them out of storage. 

Keep Breakables Out Of Sight

You will want to wrap all breakables in bubble wrap or newspaper to keep breakables from shattering if they happen to fall. Place them in dresser drawers or cabinets so they are up and away from any other items. You can place them in a plastic storage bin and put it on top of a shelf or on a table to help keep it away from harm. Make sure to label any breakables as fragile so you will be aware when you are looking through your unit.

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